Thursday, February 9, 2017

Little Italy
 16405 North Scottsdale rd.
SO yes I have been gone for some time but I am back. Or maybe just lurking in the shadows and waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting cheeseburger. You never know, because hospital food just doesn't cut it. So yes here I am and ready to sink my teeth into the next great plate of cuisine set before me. So without further ado, I give you Seriously insanely and illegally delicious MAGGIANO'S Little Italy. Fellow foodies, Just try to control yourselves as the description teases and tantalizes your minds and taste buds with a myriad of absolutely amazing and delectable dishes to torture your olfactory and eyes to the point of no return. I was invited as a guest to attend a banquet for the MS foundation Hosted by Biogen. Well, Not what you would think at all! I have been to many Banquet lectures in my time and most of the time the food if any is flavorless and cold upon delivery. Firstly supper high points for staff. Kudo's to management for hiring great people then training them well. Because theses wait staff were amazing and fast. Greetings were eye to eye contact and helpful to all attendee's wheel chair's walker's or crutches they were on point and ready to move furniture or rearrange tables if needed. The place settings were absolutely beautiful, with the correct number of sets to keep from having table overload. Drink's were served upon sitting at your table and clear filtered water ice cold was ready. Ice tea, was very good, sodas sparkling water, coffee, just kept coming. Now I hope your ready because here it begins.
First course, Yes! I did say first course, so try to keep up. But remember this was not a private dinning experience this was a banquet setting.
Hot Italian bread moist and steaming from under the cloth wrap with softened butter on serving plates. Immediately followed by Maggiano's House Salad whit a lite vinaigrette dressing, goat cheese and fresh cooked crispy bacon. and a Caesar Salad dressed just right. not swimming in a pool of dressing. Each table received two mega sized bowls of these at each table of eight, leaving more left over than could be taken home. This was promptly removed when we were all kind of signaling ok the rabbets have left the building and followed up by a beautifully sautéed seasoned  panko crusted mozzarella extra large slices in fresh Marinara sauce. Mounds of lightest crispy Calamari with steaming Bowls of Marinara landed at the table. But before we could make a dent, in came the Chicken Parmesan in an amazing Marinara sauce. Bene, Molto Bene. Nope, hold on because we're just getting started. Besides that's the extent of my Italian. But not the end of the list of delicacies that just kept arriving.  
Fettuccini Alfredo Three Mega bowls Steaming hot were gently set before us. More hot bread and butter, Oh my goodness, wait. Balsamic glazed Salmon platters arrived accompanied by three platters of Three cheese Ravioli in and sweet pesto cream sauce. Fresh basil adorned. Can I fit anymore in. I just don't think I can. Well ok, The mountain sized chocolate cappuccino cake and the life boat sized Tiramisu. with a chocolate sail standing right in the middle of each launch looked like a three mast schooner of cloud like melt in your mouth dreams. And it all tasted like a symphony of beautifully executed Italian cuisine. My compliments to the chefs and staff. Mostly to Maggiano's Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Those were the high's and here are the low's, Though they have Valla parking the standard parking for Disabled individuals is very difficult to manage. This is due to the fact that the Established parking is all part of the Mall property Maggiano's resided in is populated with many other businesses and restaurant's. I could find nothing else either the attendees or myself could list as a flaw. So please go try a bit of Italian heave at MAggiano's Little Italy. Indulge to your hearts content. Just make sure you eat nothing for 3 days before the attempt. Ciao.  

P.S. So sorry but the Tiramisu just didn't last long enough for me to get a photo. lol.
Tell them the Disabled Diner sent you.
Smile it never hurts.
Markus The Disabled Diner.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

59th Ave and Thunderbird
on the North west Conner
My first thought whenever I think Chick-Fil-A is Eat more chicken. Hahahaha, gosh, such a great add campaign. I do believe it does the job. But this is not a post about funny adds on TV or Billboards. Its about a New born member of the franchise that's just turned 6 weeks old. But this is not a post about buildings and parking lots, nor is it a post about the brand new uniforms behind the counter that seem almost formal like. No, this is a post about the Owners and the staff they have assembled to serve their patrons. The truth of the matter is, that we really do live in a very cynical and un-appreciating and selfish world. But once in a while were you least expect it you find the beautiful presents of God through the spirit of the person you are talking with and at first I started to speak only of the co-owner, Lisa. But then, I realized that it was in every single person that I encountered in this small yet amazing place. I was greeted at the door and though I didn't think at the time was the Co-owner, but she was. Lisa held the door for us and made sure we were helped at the order counter. The woman behind the counter was so personable and kind that for a moment I forgot where I was. This place certainly didn't have a fast food feel for starters. Okay, say that 7 times fast. Hahaha. That one just showed up out of the back of my brain. Every single employee was so nice and concerned with our food and comfort that this Chick Fil-A was somehow filled with the light of spirit. Yes you heard me correctly, Spirit.  Kind, Giving, Gentle, Caring love thy neighbor kind of Spirit. That even came with a god bless you after we completed our meal. Yes that day I discovered the spirit of God can even be found in a Chick-Fil-A fast-food-restaurant. The Co-owner Lisa made that a wonderful part of our meal and day. So my avid readers. Yes this post is about a wonderful eatery, that by the way has such absolutely delicious food and the people that built it have very beautiful Christian hearts. And let me make it clear. I have no apologies for any of those that read this post if the Topic has a sprinkle of spirit and the warmth of God in it. I was not born, taught, or raised to be politically correct. I am a very proud Christian and will not make room in my country for others feelings, just because they choose to disagree with my beliefs. Live your way but I urge all of my readers to please just go and see for yourself. It's an amazingly healing place 
Chick-Fil-A Co-owner and guardian angel Lisa was a bright smile of Christian love.
I need to eat more chicken.
Tell Lisa the Disabled Dinner sent you.
Markus the Disabled Dinner "God Bless"




Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Good Egg/First Watch
Park Central Mall.
Though it's a little rough around the edges and ever so slightly dated. TGE, now FW, Is one of my old standards for good food, great service and an awesome patio breakfast area that gives you a early morning city scape to enjoy whilst sipping there Bold roast and reading the paper. In this case the if it ain't broke don't fix it line is on target. Sure it may need a touch of some decorator to come in a spend some time on the Banquets, table seating and flooring, but I an a bit of a consistency kinda guy. Oh sure I can change but it may take small increments to adjust with my comfort zone. The great thing about TGE/FW is the food is Consistently great and so is the service. The British style Banger breakfast sausage links are delicious and the home fries are my favorite. Throw in the sourdough toast or the Off the charts French toast or perhaps the amazing Eggs Benedict and your morning is gonna be a Good one. They don't mind my picky demeanor sometimes like making my Cinnamon French toast lightly battered and crispy. And don't ask me how but it always seems they are constantly brewing pots of fresh coffee just for me. LOL. It hit's my table usually within 60 seconds of seating somehow. And that's where the service part comes in. Coffee, a smile, calm patients coupled with fast response and hot food with attentive staff and management makes for a good way to start my day. Seems to also be a great place to socialize and relax. Makes me feel like the whole world isn't completely internet and Face book communicating after all. And that it's still okay to smile at another table and say good morning or strike up a conversation with the person seated across from you. And with the weather being so great right now. Take my suggestion and try the patio the next time your in the mood to find a comfortable spot and just enjoy. The Good Egg/First Watch.
See you at First light on the patio with the heaters on and coffee in my hand.
Til then.
The Disabled Dinner


Sunday, November 8, 2015

 Streets of New York pizza
Broasted Chicken 
5843 W. Thunderbird Rd.
This is the one.
Well I was rollin in New York. Rollin with my wheel's 10 feet of the ground. Oops, ok I know what your thinking. 16 bars or less right but i'm all good, the lyrics are different. Ok listen up. When I want Pizza, I want Pizza my wayyyyyy.  Oops, All right, all right. I'll do my job now and just stick to Spreadin the new's. Ok seriously now. I really want to spread the news about Ali's Streets of New York Pizza, at Thunderbird and Fifty ninth Ave. I have always liked Streets of New York Pizza especially their Build your own and wings deals. I'm no stranger to the place. But this is the first time sense I've been disabled that I've been in one. But Going out to eat is not just about franchise continuity. It's about the care that the owner puts into the place they represent. Surely the business is a reflection of the owner. That what really makes this particular Streets really stand out from the rest of the pack. Ali, that's the New owner, is an amazing young lady that carries her passion for customer service and satisfaction above and beyond the rest. The food well to be specific Peperoni and Italian Sausage pizza and mild bone in wings were cooked to perfection. And no skimping on the toppings either. Which put me in a New York state of mind. Oh just go with it, even if it's not that funny. Blue cheese and ranch were brought to the table in plentiful amounts. The free Passion Bread with chucky Marinara sauce was absolutely delicious. The Chianti was fruity but subtle and refreshing to the palette for you wine lovers, oh and served at the correct temperature not chilled to the point you can't taste the essence of the wine. But what really made the visit was the personal touch that Ali brought to the table. She greeted us personally at the door and seated us. She introduced us to our Waitress, instead of the typical brush and dash, "Your waitress will be right with you" line. Ashley was are waitress and the service was absolutely impeccable. Ali came to check on the progress of our enjoyment of the meal thrice. After we finished she came back to see us off. During our luncheon I originally started with the House wine called Redhead. Just a bit to sharp up front for me. So when I requested a possible change in selection before I could even get the word out I was treated to a sample of Chianti and subsequently brought out a glass once I gave the thumbs up on the new choice at no added cost.  The doors are just a bit heavy for some to get in but Ali the owner came out to help I just got in before she could get to it. The dinning area is so large and the tables are placed to nearly accommodate a power chair and a half through the separation spaces. Very easy to navigate through even for the inexperienced operator. Accessing the restrooms is very easy. Just towards the back past the private room which is really cool by the way. complete with 4 tables and direct access to the kitchen from the back of the restaurant. The hall to your right then a sharp left will put you where you need to be. Once inside there is a bit of a tight turn into the disabled stall which is to code but still takes some attention to control. So when you are in the mood for some real hospitality and Pizza with flavor. They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway on Broadway. But not as bright as Ali's smile. Drop by and enjoy.
And tell Ali the Disabled Diner sent you.
Keep smiling it doesn't hurt
The Disabled Diner
P.S. Ali's in the Red shirt.





Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rainbow Doughnut's
4729 West Olive Ave
Glendale Az.
Yes I am sure all of you are thinking, okay he's lost it. Reviewing all the other post. even I had to smile and think should I, but the truth is oh yes I should and very much so. This tiny little family owned shop is a hidden little diamond. So I'll start with the obvious. The doughnut's are not your typical array of sugar coated sweet fried dough curls or stuffed with blah, blah jellies and filling's. Not even close. I have been coming here ever sense the New owners took it over. And let me tell you they have put there entire families love into this cute little place. And it's in every single doughnut that comes out of there little bakery in the back. my personal favorite is the Big Glazed whipped cream filled sandwich. It is an out right assault of  amazing cloud like perfectly balanced sweetness on you taste buds, and your mind, body, spirit. So go on I dare you to walk in on a Monday morning all grouchy and hazy not really wanting to start the week, then take just one bite of this absolutely Delicate, Deliriously, Dazzlingly Dreamy Doughnut and Doubt my Dissertation's on Dining again. Hehehehe. Seriously every single one of there Carefully Crafted Culinary Creations is an Amazing Adventure of Absolute,,,, okay, okay I'll stop already. But seriously, the family that pours there life and love into their Baking in such a true way has really hit the mark with everything they do. So it is a must that you go back for lunch. No not for the Doughnuts, For the Sandwiches and Smoothies. They re-supply almost daily or have some crew of magic elves' in the back, because the food is so fresh it's unbelievable. The Turkey Croissant is my fav. Breakfast Bagels. Hot Coffee, juices and milk. it's just a really special place and the owners really make you feel special. The place is clean, and smells like doughnut heaven. The eat at counter with the old fashion dinner stools is really a great way to meet with a friend and share the morning. There's plenty of room to navigate your power chair, wheelchair through the dinning area. An outside dinning area is also nice now that the weather is breaking a bit for us. And the Restroom is a straight shot down the hall in back. Plenty of space to maneuver inside and to ADA code. Very clean. So go find your pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow, I have.
Keep Smiling it doesn't hurt. :-)
See you there
The Disabled Diner



Tuesday, October 6, 2015

In the Drive through
Directly from The Disabled Diner
Hello everyone, it's so good to be back. Yes I was a bit indisposed for the last three week's. In and out of the hospital with various problems. Yes this is all part of being disabled I guess. But to fill you in on the haps I've been dealing with short and sweet. I was injured on a Phoenix Valley metro bus. While heading to my Disabled Men's Empowerment Group meeting I was on my normal rout to the A.B.I.L building and assumed the driver had anchored my chair properly, we all have had this one happen, but he had only secured the two outside straps. So as he made his left turn into the Sky harbor sky train station he flipped me and my chair over. I pulled some soft tissue in my arm but no broken bones. This landed me in the hospital and a sling for 10 days so it took away my typing skills for a time. But here I am back again and ready to Rock. Good to see you all and happy rainy day to all my followers. Stay safe and
Keep Smilin, it doesn't hurt.
The Disabled Diner.
Keep checking in because there is a really big project I will be announcing in the next month. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lin's Asian Buffet
Three Locations in the state
East Baseline Road, Phoenix
West McDowell Glendale
East 16th street Yuma Az.
Xie Xie. Lin's is absolutely not your typical Chinese food buffet. It's an Asian adventure of collective, culinary, creations to cure even the hungriest cravings. So collect your clan and cruise on over to Lin's. Though the general presentation is buffet style, there is a wonderful made to order grill and for you raw fish lovers a really well resented Sushi counter and both just keep crackin out the food to keep you coming back for more. I have tried the grill but I am really a buffet kind of guy. From pork rib's to fried fish. Fried rice to creamed ice,,,,,, well ok, ok. Well Ice cream just didn't rhyme. But seriously, There really is an amazing amount of food to choose from. Personal favorite's, Tso's chicken, to Pork Rib's, Beef and Broccoli, Sweet and sour chicken, Fried Rice, and I use the fried wontons to scoop it up in tasty little bites. The egg rolls are delicious. But Lin's does remember that even if we are enjoying our dinner, not all kid's like Asian food. So right there on the buffet they have fried chicken, French fries and pizza. Try to make it for lunch if you can or early for dinner. remember, it's a buffet so you want the freshest food before its picked over and mixed and messy. Seems that the general population just seem to not get it. Not always but there have been times I have seen a person take a hold of a serving spoon and just use the same spoon in every single food they want off the buffet. Just no respect for others. Though they seem to do the best they can to correct this type of issue I feel they need to have an on the line attendant to keep the level of human horrible behavior doesn't just go un-checked. And children don't take liberties with their hands. The Hostess and servers are really very helpful. The isles are plenty large enough to navigate through with your power chair, wheel chair or anything else. The restrooms are to code and large. Come Sunday though they tend to get a bit out of control. Lin's really get's busy on the weekends. But as I said the food is fresh and keeps coming and coming. So come hungry and enjoy.
Til next time fellow foodies,  i'm gonna loosen my belt and relax.
The Disabled Diner